【Official】SeasideVilla Bokkai

Notice of closure due to the Noto Peninsula earthquake in 2024

The facility was severely damaged by the "Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024" that occurred on the 1st.
SeasideVilla Bokkai will be closed for the time being.

We will inform you on our website as soon as we are able to accommodate you.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their concern.
We sincerely pray for the safety of all those affected by the disaster and for the speedy recovery of the affected areas.

【Bokkai Onsen】Resumption of business
Bokkai Onsen will be open from Monday, April 8, 2024.
Opening hours: 3pm to 9pm
*If you have been affected by the disaster and are living in an evacuation shelter without bathing facilities or sleeping in your car, or if the bathing facilities at your home are unusable due to the disaster, you can take a bath for free (free Suica cards will be distributed).

Charm of seaside villa

  • A southern French-style resort hotel where you can spend your time looking at the horizon in the open lounge leading to the sea

    "Bokkai" is a country that flourished from northeast China to the northern Korean Peninsula in the 8th and 10th centuries.
    At that time, it was reported that there was diplomatic relations with Japan over the Sea of Japan.
    SeasideVilla Bokkai is a seaside resort where guests can relax in the way they want, with a private lounge overlooking the far horizon of the Sea of Japan.
    Incorporating the taste of a refreshing southern French resort, the facility has a comfortable space suitable for an elegant holiday.

Facility information

  • Bokkai Onsen

    Weakly alkaline water containing metasilicic acid, a natural moisturizing component,
    A natural hot spring that is gentle on the skin and blends into your skin after bathing.
    The colorless and transparent hot water warms well and is preferred by many.
    In summer, with the stimulus of air bubbles in a jacuzzi in an open-air bath
    We offer luxurious relaxation to enjoy effective hot water.
    Saunas that can enter and exit from both outdoor and indoor baths are also popular.

    *The open-air bath is closed from December to March.
    Please contact us for details.

    “Abundant natural hot springs are effective in relieving fatigue and whitening, and boast a spacious and large bath, open-air bath and jacuzzi."
  • Multipurpose hall Patio

    The pyramid-shaped hall `` Patio'' is a stairwell with a height equivalent to the fourth floor,
    An open space full of openness radiated from the ceiling.
    In addition to being able to relax freely,
    It can also be used for wedding parties and events.

    "The open space where the sun pours is full of various events,
    It can be used as a party or restaurant.
    Please enjoy the work of the calligrapher, Juichi Yoshikawa every season."
  • Seaside Lounge

    Seaside Lounge overlooking Masuhoura Masuhogaura Beach is exclusively for hotel guests.
    There is a guest passage in the hotel, so you can swim in your room.
    In the lounge, there is a jacuzzi where you can relax while looking out at the sea, and a shower you want to drop in after a beach play.
    Of course, the superb view of the deep blue sea and sky that spreads out to the full field of view,
    You can enjoy the sunset view where the sea surface is dyed golden.

    “A Seaside Lounge boasting the Bokkai Seas exclusively for hotel guests, overlooking the Masuhogaura Beach.
    Dusk that is said to be the best in Japan is a superb view."
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Google Map

Hotel Name

SeasideVilla Bokkai


59-1 Ko, Togiryoke Town, Shika Town, Hakui County, Ishikawa Prefecture

Telephone number



Togi or Monzen Line bus from JR Kanazawa Station Togi walk 10 minutes.About 20 minutes from Noto Satoyama Kaido Nishiyama IC to Wajima.
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