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Noto cuisine and sake

Noto's seafood Seasonal cuisine with heart

  • Enjoy the season of the Sea of Japan where warm currents and cold currents meet with Noto Toji's famous sake

    Noto Peninsula, surrounded by sea on all sides, is blessed with abundant fishing grounds, including natural reefs spreading offshore, and is a treasure trove of seafood that has been active in fisheries since ancient times.
    At this facility, you can purchase freshly caught seafood from the Saikai Fishing Port, which is a 5-minute drive away, and enjoy abundant cuisine using seasonal ingredients from the Sea of Japan.
    While the south of France resort to enjoy the sea, Kano Crab and Katsuama shrimp, and season of the taste of the Sea of Japan, such as turban shell, you can enjoy the skill and tradition shines Noto sake of Noto Toji
  • Famous sake that tastes Noto Toji's skill

    Noto Peninsula is a brewery that produces water polished to rich nature and rice grown in the water.
    Currently, there are 15 sake breweries, and one of the four great breweries in Japan, Echigo, Nambu and Tamba, is one of Japan's four great breweries.
    SeasideVilla Bokkai, there are five or more types of liquor that is inherited by sake brewers who inherit their respective traditions.
    You may encounter a rare local sake.
  • Noto Beef(Noto Beef)

    Noto Beef raised in the rich nature of Noto, surrounded by the sea and mountains, is a valuable brand of cattle that only ships 600 per year.
    High-quality meat with marbling is fine, sweet and smooth to the touch.
    The oleic acid content is high and you can enjoy a melting texture.
  • Kano Crab(Snow crab in Ishikawa Prefecture)

    Snow Kano Crab landed in Ishikawa Prefecture, such as the fishing ports of Kaga and Noto, are called Kano Crab.
    The freshly caught Kano Crab that are tightly packed are plump to see.
    The crisp texture and firm sweetness are exquisite.
    【Fishing season】
    Kano Crab(male)...Every year from the beginning of November to March 20 of the following year
    Incense box crab(Female)...Every year from early November to next January 10
  • Japanese seafood from Noto

    Kano Crab addition to Kano Kano Crab, you can enjoy seasonal seafood such as natural yellowtail and live sweet shrimp.
    The live sweet shrimp that were caught by carp fishing are characterized by a freshness that allows them to dance, a crisp texture, and a brilliant red color called “sea jewel”.
    In summer, natural live abalone and live sazae caught by the sea maiden come in season.